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Hair extensions come in many forms these days, some are:

clip ins

tapes ins

sew ins


hair units


Our most popular hair extension service are Microlinks. We just love them! If you love to wear majority of your natural hair but don’t want to have to braid any of your hair up, this will be perfect for you.

how do they work?

Micro-link extensions are a technique using tiny beads to link the hair to the extensions. The link is clamped down to secure the extensions to the root of your hair. We specialize in the wefted technique. We believe this technique has less tension than the single stranded technique.

What are the benefits of microlinks?

The greatest benefit of this technique is the versatility, and it can blend perfectly with your natural hair. You can treat it as your real hair due to it not having any braids. Unlike clip-ins, you can sleep in your microlink extensions You’re still able to maintain the health of your natural hair as well, being that your scalp is exposed and all of your hair is out. Therefore, scalp treatments and deep conditioning treatments can still be done. Because there is no braiding,  Microlink Extensions are completely flat and seamless. No one will be able to tell that you have extensions. Microlinks are also super secure because of the technique of using the small rings followed by being clamped down. There is no glue used and as long as you have a professional install, maintain, and remove your links, you won’t damage any hair follicles or experience matting.


This is a pretty high maintenance type of hair extensions and should be touched up every 3-5 weeks. If you have fine hair your soft texture may cause the links to not last as long as someone with a thicker texture. The max length of time recommended to wear the extensions between installations is 4 months. Treat the extensions like your natural hair. Wash them as you normally do your hair but with more caution and make sure to consult your stylist anytime you need to have them removed.

Are Microlink Extensions A good choice for you?

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